Sunday, 27 October 2013

Make a garment a month - finished garment for October!

And here it is! 
the finished skirt
I am ever so pleased with it - the pleating on the front was much more straightforward than I thought it would be.  All in all it was a very quick make.
The skirt is a bit creased as I had been wearing it all day in these photos.

 sometimes it's harder to get a photograph than actually sewing!

So now the challenge is to think of what to do for next month's challlenge, which is a challenge in itself!!
Do I make a fake fur jacket or wrap dress? mmm... or maybe both?
Well I have 3 more days to decide :)

If you want to join in the challenge press the button on my sidebar, it's an ongoing challenge and anyone can join in.

Thanks for visiting, I'm now off to visit the other in this challenge to see their makes :)

Jolanda x

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Make a Garment a Month Challenge

Hopefully better late than never with this challenge!!
 I have recently been to Eindhoven in Holland to visit my daughter and also do a bit of fabric shopping!
Not too sure I should show you my 'little' bag of fabric that now has to be made into clothes!
The photo below is of the Stoffenspektakel which is a travelling 'fair' of fabric!!
it was amazing to see so many fabrics; the stallholders had even made up clothing in the fabric they were selling so you could see it off the bolt, (a really great idea).

After this extravaganza I had to visit Eindhoven's market where there were about 20 stalls selling fabric and haberdashery and so cheap too!
This black fabric below was only 1 euro a metre!!! (less than £1)
 I will be making this skirt with this fabric.
Not too sure about how it will look with the pleating or even how to do the pleats, but will have a go.
If things don't work out too well the skirt might lose it's pleats. :)
The pattern is from Knipmode (a dutch pattern magazine like Burda) August 2004.

Hopefully there will be an update in the near future or even a finished skirt.

Thanks for visiting

Jolanda x