Friday, 24 January 2014

November/December's Make a Garment a month Challenge finished pictures

Hello everyone,

Here are the pictures of my finished dress! 

The fabric is a fairly thick tricot/jersey and it is so comfortable and warm.

 I received lots of compliments when I wore it to work :)

Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comments
Have a good day and lovely weekend.

Jolanda x

Saturday, 11 January 2014

January Make a Garment a Month Challenge

I have gone all the way back to December 1995 to find this lovely pattern.
I plan to make the short jacket on the right with the red dress from fake fur with a purple lining.
I need a short jacket to go with my dresses as most of my jackets are a little bit longer and tend to make the dresses look frumpy. The right length jacket makes all the difference.

I will be making style 128
Its got 3 dots!! I don't think I have ever made anything that difficult.  Or does 3 dots
mean lack of instructions!?  The instructions are fairly basic but that's ok with me, but when you
get to the lining instructions; it just says put in lining!! 
I think I will have to do a bit of research on this as I haven't made a jacket before let alone lined it!

Above is the fake fur fabric and lining I will be using.

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Jolanda xx

Make a Garment a Month Challenge

Happy New Year to everyone.

Here is a pic of the dress under construction.
It just needs the neck facing turning under and the sleeves setting in.

I have actually finished this dress but I'm waiting for some decent light to take a photograph of it.
It only took me two days to complete even though I did a lot of hand tacking.
I love speed when sewing but hand tacking really makes a difference when stitching with knits.

 I always used to worry about the hems being 'bumpy' and stretched until I found out that using a twin needle for the hem gives a brilliant result Just put in your ballpoint twin needle and turn the top tension down to 2 (experiment on a piece of scrap material first to see what looks best) and sew your hem.
This is what it looks like on the back.

Bye for now

Jolanda x