Upcycled hessian bag

Hi and welcome to my blog.
I want to show you some of my sewing exploits! Maybe you will get some ideas and tips - I know I have by looking at others' blogs!!

 I originally bought this bag from my local library to carry my books in, but after a little while of use the handles broke apart.  The hessian just wasn't strong enough but the rest of the bag looks as new.  As I didn't want to throw it away, I thought I would decorate it.
 The bag lacked somewhere to put your purse safely so I cut an old pair of shorts and used the leg pocket.
To brighten up the pocket I embroidered and appliqued some hearts on it.
  I also found some pieces of gingham too small to make anything with.
 I love this bag now it's so bright and cheerful and much more useful

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